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Tuff Bars

Our 'Tuff-Bar' system is designed for carrying ladders and lighter loads where there isn’t the need for a full roof rack. The number of roof bars we recommend is dependent on the wheelbase of the van, though their modular nature makes it a flexible solution, and the units are available with or without rear rollers.

Unlike many roof bar systems on the market, our Tuff Bar system builds into a fixed unit that doesn't allow the bars to twist out from the fixing points on the vehicle roof.

  • A flexible system from 2 bars to 5 bars suited to the size of the van
  • Load stops incorporated into the roof bars
  • Builds into a fixed unit to avoid twisting - Rails are first fitted to the vehicle roof mounting points, and the roof Bars are fixed to the rails from underside; there is no obstruction on top of the bars
  • Available with or without a rear roller module
  • Prices starting at £130 + VAT (depending on vehicle) with FREE fitting at our premises