Authenticity of the SDV Original Trade Rack

SDV roofracks Clitheroe, make sure you see the badgeThe red oval badge signifies a genuine SDV product; designed and manufactured since 1967 giving it the quality and experience in build and materials that can only be achieved by understanding the product in its entirety.

Only SDV has been creating and developing the Trade Rack since 1967, the family still running the business fully understands its self imposed restrictions in design and range that creates a product that is safe not only when solo, but most importantly when loaded; and the need to use appropriate materials and manufacturing processes.

In recent times, a number of imitations have appeared on the market. Don’t be mislead, SDV is the original designer and manufacturer of this type of rack!; and the knowledge and expertise developed within the company ensures a superior product, the only one worthy of the SDV red badge.

The company ethos (SDV – Strength – Dependability – Value) means it refuses to succumb to market pressure to supply goods with inferior/lighter weight materials, to cut corners in manufacturing or to compete in certain markets.

There is a growing trend with some manufacturers/suppliers to drive down prices by supplying roof bar systems for many makes and models of van. We have already developed a roof bar system that we manufacture in the event that a customer does not feel the need for a full rack; however, we can only offer this solution across a selection of vans.

Unfortunately the mounting points designed into a number of makes/models, does in some instances result in an unsound fixing for a bar system as opposed to a roof rack with a frame.

Don’t get caught out with a bar system twisting out of its mountings and risking losing your load, this scenario has been relayed to us, not involving our product!! If you are thinking of buying a bar system from any source, make sure you are totally happy with the fixings!

Read more about the origins of SDV and the Original Trade Rack here.

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